Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roman Post 4

Julius Ceasar
     He conquered Gaul in a campaign which is still used for training generals today. His victories in Gaul brought important new territories to the empire. The conquest of Gaul brought the border of the empire to the river Rhine. He led expeditions into Germany and Britain, which the Romans didnt know about around that time. Caesar crossed the river Rubicon, which was the border between the province he ruled and the Italian territories of the Roman empire and took power over Rome as a dictator.
      Julius Caesar also reformed the calendar.With only minor changes his is the calendar we use today. He was honored by naming the month July after him. He was a great and successful leader in Rome and still is known and honored today. Many schools read his piece by shakesphere because his honorable ways and great victories bringing more territory for Rome.

Roman Post 3

Ancient Rome
  • Status mattered
  • In the eyes of Roman law, people were not equal
  • Legal status helped to define power, influence, criminal punishments, marriage partners, even dress and where you sat in the amphitheatre
  • Only citizens could hold positions in the administration of Rome and the other towns and cities of the empire, only citizens could serve in the legions, and only citizens enjoyed certain legal privileges
  • In an age before mass personal documentation, there were few ways to prove who and what you were
  • Rome and the empire needed new blood, legal status could change; non-citizens could become citizens; a slave could become a free man. This was upward mobility and could bring real advantages
My Life
  • America politics either democratic vs republican nomore social classes status
  • Diverse population different types of races it was legal, unlike Roman they had to wait if legal status changed
  • Wealth some are still rich then others, many un-employed but can collect if laid off still getting an income
  • No slaves
  • Laws "innocent until proven gulty"
  • Citizens of course hane more benefits then those who arent because they will have to go through a procedure
  • like an Emporor and his cliq America has the President, Congress, and other people to figure out legal things
  • only if your born in own country can get a good high position like the Emperor