Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post 7

1. Teachers should treat each child with dignity and respect if not they will get fired.
2. Fighting without blood shed in school suspension for 2 days.
3. Threatning a staff get a police report and a suspension.
4.Bullying conference with the kids.
5. Sexual assault with another student police report and expelled.
6. Sexual assualt with a teacher fired with police report and teacher cant work at any school or with children again. 
7. If theft own up to it or will get beaten.
8. Damaging of a teachers belonging things will get damage and you will get a police report.
9. If threat bombing or burning school, burn something valuable to yours.
10.If you kill or attempt to kill a student, a animal, or teacher in or around school property you will be killed yourself.
11. If you dont show up to school horrible attendence you will not be able come in without a note or a good explanation if lies sent back home.
12. If you trick poison someone in school you will be poison & expelled.

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